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Is home birth/birth center birth safe?

Midwives are trained to assess risk of the birthing person all throughout their pregnancy and labor. If for at any reason a high-risk complication were to arise, we will discuss transferring care during pregnancy to an OB/GYN group, or transferring to a hospital during labor, where necessary interventions can be administered. Home and birth center birth are safe for low risk healthy pregnant people.


Who will be at my birth?

You can invite anyone you like to your birth! Partners (including poly partners), kiddos, friends, doulas, pets, and parents are all excellent choices. When deciding who to invite, make sure that you are comfortable around them, that you don’t feel like you have to entertain them while you are laboring, and that they will put your needs first. A second trained midwife or assistant/midwifery student will also attend your birth.


What do I need for a home birth?

All home birth clients will purchase a birth kit from our friends at In His Hands. This kit contains essential supplies for your birth and postpartum experience. Besides these supplies, a list will be provided with important items to have available at one of our prenatal appointments.


What if I want a water birth?

I have a Birth Pool in a Box and an electric air pump available for use for my clients. Clients will be responsible for purchasing a liner for the pool. You may also use your tub or a birth pool that you purchase for hydrotherapy!


What if birth makes a mess?

Generally, home birth is relatively clean! Your birth kit will include various things to protect surfaces in your chosen birthing area. If you choose a water birth, most of the mess is contained and will go right down the drain! We make sure that before we leave, your space is cleaned up, any used birth supply trash is taken out, and the laundry is in the washing machine.


Can I meet you before I book you to be my midwife?

Absolutely! I offer free hour-long consultations for prospective home or birth center birth clients. Use this time to get to know me, have your specific questions answered, make sure you are a good candidate for home/birth center birth, etc.!  


Can my partner catch the baby?

Absolutely! We will talk about this and other birth preferences in the third trimester during prenatal appointments.


Do you offer pain medications during a home birth?

Pain medications are not offered in home or birth center settings, but you do have other pain-relieving modalities available to you when birthing at home or in the birth center. These include freedom of movement, hydrotherapy (shower or tub), hands on massage/counter pressure by a doula/partner/friend/or midwife, among other modalities.


What if I tear?

I bring all equipment necessary to repair any lacerations that may need to be sutured, and will do so shortly after birth while you are bonding with baby! A local anesthetic will be used, and all suture material will dissolve, sutures will not need to be removed in a postpartum visit.


Do you do births in my area?

I serve Northern + Central NJ. If you are unsure whether I serve your area, please email me at to ask!


What does a home birth cost?

My fee is $8300 for complete midwifery services to be paid in full by 36 weeks. My services include prenatal care (including ordering and drawing lab work), labor and birth support from two providers, postpartum care (including an annual appointment with pap smear and annual bloodwork if needed at the 6 week postpartum visit), and a welcome gift bag of Herbal Folk House goods. I am happy to provide payment plans on request, recurring payments will be processed through my patient portal.

I also offer early pay discounts (early pay discount of $1000 off total cost when paid in full at beginning of care), repeat client discounts, and accept partial barters for goods and services.


Do I need a babysitter for my appointment time?

If this will make you more comfortable, by all means, get a babysitter. That said, I am comfortable with little ones sharing the space during our appointment time, and a babysitter is not needed. Feel free to nurse your little ones at any time during our appointment, even during a Pap smear/culture collection if needed!

Where do my women's health and trans care appointments take place?

All appointments will take place in the comfort of your own home, or whatever space you feel comfortable in (I have done appointments in hotels, office spaces, apartments/houses... and follow up/monitoring bloodwork appointments can be done anywhere, including fast food parking lots!). 


What if something comes back abnormal?

If a test comes back abnormal and needs follow up for a higher level of care, I will give you a referral to a provider who can perform the proper follow up tests and/or procedures. Records can be sent to the provider I refer you to, or any provider on request.


What is a CNM?

A Certified Nurse Midwife is a midwife who was trained as a nurse first, usually through a Bachelor of Science degree, and then goes on to complete a Master of Science degree in (nurse) midwifery. As a Certified Nurse Midwife, I am an advance practice nurse who has trained to care for folks with breasts, cervices, vulvas/vaginas, and uteruses (as well as those without who need hormone therapy) from puberty through menopause and beyond. I also have prescriptive authority from the state of New Jersey, and can order blood tests, mammograms, ultrasounds, Pap smears, medications, etc. It’s my absolute pleasure to walk with you on your health and birthing journeys!


Do you accept health insurance?

I am out of network with all insurance plans but am happy to provide an itemized receipt or super bill for all care provided after payment has been received. You may be able to seek reimbursement from your insurance company based on your plan and benefits. Payment plans are available for all care, recurring payments can be set up through my patient portal, just ask!

I partner with Atlas and Quest to process all blood work, pap smears, and cultures collected at the time of appointment. I submit all labs with insurance information if requested. Most labs will be covered by insurance.

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